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I'd say I'm writing a story, but there's so many interlinking little narratives and no overall plot.

It's about class struggles and a literally stratified society and ignoring the crimes of big business. It's about never seeing the sun or the sea, but living in a perpetual twilight between them. It's about control and sterotypes.

In other words, it's about life.

That sounds really smug and posh, doesn't it?

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Woah. Woah. Wow. Woah.
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I'm a big fan of fractals. I'm also trying to get myself into the mindset for starting Computer Science in October. This leads to me writing a (very simple) program to produce one of the most famous fractals - the Sierpenski Triangle/Gasket. This is what it looks like:

A triangle made of ever-shrinking triangles. An overenthusiastic triforce.
And yes, I did build that myself.

To generate your own Triangle, you canrun my code on Scratch here (the triangle should run if you have either Flash or Java on your browser). It will take some time to get to that quality (I left it running for several days accidentally) but the basic shape forms surprisingly quickly.

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I'm escapepea.

I want to write more fiction at the moment, like I did when I was on LJ, but I'm never going back there again.

See you around.


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